Knowledge Management: Retaining Your Invaluable Knowledge

April 14, 2016

Organizations today face extraordinary challenges.  Increased competition, adapting to economic and geographic globalization, compliance with unfunded regulatory mandates, skyrocketing employee benefits costs, business model disruption due to todays rapid pace of innovation, political election cycles unpredictable business impacts, global volatility, etc…     To remain profitable, and competitive, mastering the ability to do more with less is a keystone element for continued success.    An often-overlooked opportunity to accomplish more, better, faster, and with lower costs, is through effective use of Knowledge Management!

All organizations possess invaluable knowledge at points in time.  All of us at some time has faced a challenging work assignment and wondered… Has any of my colleagues someplace in the company tackled this challenge or faced similar decision points before?  Did they create any data or work product that would be helpful to me in my current assignment, so that I am not starting from scratch?  Did a subject matter expert give a talk last month, or last year, that if only I attended would have given me a leg up?  With todays advanced Information Technologies at our disposal, directed with thoughtful business process focus and purpose, we no longer have to wonder.

Transforming data into information, and further into valuable knowledge through people, process, and technologies is the state of the art of Knowledge Management (KM).  Effective KM facilitates project communication and development, organizational learning, increased internal and external communication, crowd sourcing for problem solving, intellectual property management, and better leveraging of organizational expertise from within.

There are many forms of technology systems most of you will have some familiarity with.  Some examples are Electronic Document Management systems, Sharepoint/WIKI repositories, enterprise software systems, etc..  There are also nascent teaching and learning technologies coming on the scene to capture and transform the spoken words and activities of a university lecture or corporate training session; transforming video and audio data into searchable reusable invaluable knowledge.

Continue to imagine having a competitive edge, by saving time and money through capturing and transforming your organizations available information into manageable knowledge… or join me and industry KM leaders for CIANJ’s upcoming technology roundtable, to get started on your way to implementing effective knowledge management within your organization.  I look forward to seeing you there on April 22nd.


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