March 2013

Cover Story: George Martin’s Walk Across America: A Rescue Mission for the Heroes of 9/11

Features: Diversity and Empowering Women Pays Big Dividends; Satellite Guru Kay Koplovitz Launched Her Own Career; Routine Health Screenings Help Keep Women Healthy; Uncertainty Caused by the Euro Zone Has Given the U.K. Royal Pains Instead of a True Economic Recovery; Retooling Healthcare Client Operations is a Perfect Fit for New Jersey Banks, Accounting Firms and Law Firms; IRS-Sanctioned Methods for Establishing a Charity to Help Employees After a Disaster Offer Tax Advantages; Dependable Access to Drinking Water is Often Taken for Granted, But Remains a Challenge in Many Nations

Special Coverage: Q&A with Governor Chris Christie; Chief Medical Officers Roundtable; New Flu Vaccine May Save Lives; Salute to Women’s History Month; Accounting, Banking and Law.

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