How Are We Tracked?

January 10, 2019

Whether relaxing at home or driving around running simple errands… no matter the case, we are constantly being tracked by businesses on a daily basis and although there are some precautions you can take to protect your information, there is not much we can do to stop this data collection entirely.

Our cellphones silently transmitting our locations, our credit cards tracing us back to where and when we purchased an item, or even our laptops simply connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and transmitting data on what information we’re uploading to the sites we’ve visited. No matter what we’re doing, companies gather information on us.

Do we ever stop to think why they do it?

These companies want to show us the internet that they think we want to see. They want a clearer perspective on us so that they can offer more personalized filters that control the type of information that is presented to us.

For example, two people who search for “Data Protection” on Google may get significantly different results based on their past clicks online.

​Here is a list of simple daily tasks that we may not think puts our personal information at risk, but really do:

1. Browsing the Internet/Shopping Online
Have you ever started online shopping and then stopped for some reason? Then you start browsing through some other unrelated website and an ad for that exact thing you were shopping for just a second ago pops up? Any site that you have clicked on will most likely track your browsing activity and then try to present similar ads to you.

2. Cooking A Meal
The number of privacy issues has risen as houses are becoming more tech-friendly. Lights, refrigerators, and thermostats that can be controlled with a smartphone can transmit a signal indicating whether you are in your home or not, which ultimately poses a huge personal safety risk.

3. Driving/Renting a Car
Using an EZ Pass to go through tolls logs your location. Red light cameras and speed traps take photos that can pick up your license plate and name the exact time and date the photo was taken. When renting a car, if you connect your phone via Bluetooth or USB, your sensitive information like your contacts, messages, phone logs, emails, etc. are all stored on that car system’s hard drive.

With all that being said, Clear My Car Data is here to remove that stored data from your used or rented car! A perfect day starts and ends with your personal data safe and secure!

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