What You Need To Know About Data Breach Laws

Scenario: It’s Monday morning and an employee notifies you that his laptop has been stolen. He apologizes profusely, but there is nothing you can do now. You, as the boss, are now thinking, “What a headache. Now I have to buy a new laptop and get it setup, etc. Not to mention the wasted time!” View Article →

Mitigating Risks With the All-Hazards Approach To Emergency Preparedness

Is Your Organization Adequately Prepared for the Unexpected? Many forward-thinking businesses and public sector organizations have some sort of an emergency plan ready to deploy when disaster strikes. However, having a plan in place is only one component of a successful emergency preparedness strategy. Will your plan work in a variety of emergency situations? That View Article →

Three Reasons to Store Your Records Offsite

There’s paperwork involved in nearly every business process and transaction, regardless of the industry or type of business. If your organization hasn’t yet made the switch to digital – and if you’re still storing all (or most) of your records onsite – you’re ignoring a few key benefits of using a document management company to View Article →

DaaS: 7 Reasons Why Companies Are Migrating to Cloud Desktop Solutions

The corporate world has gone through intense changes in the way companies utilize the internet. It seems like yesterday that we shifted from file cabinets to floppy disks. In no time, companies moved from floppy discs to backup drives, and now everything is migrating to cloud computing services. All cloud computing services fall into four View Article →