For Tax Savings, Consider an IC-DISC for Your Exporters

Did you know there is an underutilized tax incentive that can reap federal tax savings for manufacturers? One middle-market manufacturer recently saved approximately $300,000 in current year federal taxes by implementing this tax incentive, which promotes exporting goods manufactured in the United States that have an ultimate destination outside of the U. S. The federal View Article →

Backing Up Your Data Can Put You Out of Business

Too many businesses are under the misconception that merely backing up their data will insulate them from disaster. While many executives scoff at businesses that don’t have backups at all, those same managers don’t realize the false sense of security they’re under just because they have data backup systems in place. A joint study conducted View Article →

Is Your Business Model Sound?

“If it's a penny for your thoughts and you put in your two cents worth, then someone, somewhere is making a penny.”  - quote from Steven Wright. I love to listen to entrepreneurs and advisors talk about the value of a new venture. Even more enlightening to me is the discussion that centers around the View Article →

People: The Missing Element in Most Corporate Disaster Recovery Plans

It’s always beneficial to plan for the worst case scenario. In life and in business there are things you can control, and some things that you can’t.  Severe weather events in the Northeast, including Hurricane Sandy and the other powerful snowstorms and nor’easters, are prime examples of things that we can’t control.  Or more localized View Article →

Understanding the Private Exchange Model for Employee Benefits Insurance

Understanding the Private Exchange Model for Employee Benefits Insurance As healthcare costs continue to escalate, employers are desperately seeking any solution to control their medical benefits expenses. Private exchanges are often positioned as the solution to these problems, when in fact it is the underlying economics of the defined contribution model that can help employers View Article →