Networking 101

Networking. What an emotional word! What does it mean anyway? We hear so much about it  as we are bombarded daily with invitations to events that promise us “great networking.”  According to the dictionary, networking is defined as, “Interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career. It sounds View Article →

Are Green Job Training Program Graduates an Underutilized Human Resource?

GEI Consultants, Inc.’s experience with hiring two graduates of the  St. Nick’s Workforce Development Environmental Remediation Technician Training Program (which is located in New York City and was funded by USEPA) has been a success and we suggest that more companies look into this pool of environmental workers. For those readers in Southern New Jersey, View Article →

Health Rankings Show NJ Weighs in as 11th Healthiest

Health rankings show NJ weighs in as 11th healthiest New Jersey has more dentists per capita than any other state in the U.S., the second lowest rate of infectious disease and the third lowest rate of infant mortality. These positive health measures are some of the reasons New Jersey earned its rank at number 11 View Article →

The Realities of Manufacturing in NJ

The American Public has been misled for years on the realities on how our Manufacturing Sector has evolved…ever focusing on the larger plants that have closed, but ignoring the many small & mid-sized firms that have grown in their place and added significantly to the versatile impact that these companies make every day.   Many View Article →

The ACA: Changing the Conversation

Although aspects of the health care industry are widely debated, no one challenges the notion that changing the delivery of care is a positive movement. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may have its shortcomings, as it doesn’t adequately address components of the system that continue to drive up cost. However, the legislation continues to serve View Article →