Now Available: A Simple Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Joseph Imperato, Sr., Partner, XSolutions Even with mainstream media’s focus on recent crippling disasters, 2 in 3 businesses still do not have a written Disaster Recovery Plan despite the fact that 49% of them also admit that it would take at least three months to recover from a catastrophe. When most people think of a disaster—fire, flood, View Article →

Affordable Housing, You Want in Your Backyard

Erica West, Director of Development, Bergen County United Way Everyone knows, or has at least heard of, United Way. A nonprofit veteran that raises critical dollars for dozens of worthwhile charitable and community organizations to address our society’s greatest issues.  What is less familiar to most, is that in 2005, Bergen County’s United Way made View Article →

Three Considerations for Businesses Looking to Grow/Sell/Distribute Hemp and Hemp Products in New Jersey

Eric Alvarez, Associate, Norris McLaughlin This is an exciting time for cannabis law, and multitudes of individuals and businesses are finding themselves interested in or working with cannabis-related business issues.  From the purchase and sale of CBD, to the expansion of medical marijuana programs across the country, to the constant discussions and rumors swirling around View Article →

Fraud, Technical Violations and/or Misrepresentation That Could Trigger H-1B Visa Refusal

Upon approval of H-1B petition by the USCIS, foreign nationals residing abroad may need to go to the U.S. Consulate/Embassy to get an H-1B visa stamped into their passport before they can travel to and enter the United States. Before going for the visa interview, it is very important for a visa applicant to understand View Article →

The Restaurant Data Revolution: How Data Science is Transforming Restaurant Management

In recent years, the explosion of available data on customer preferences has resulted in a paradigm shift in restaurant operations. Restaurateurs are benefitting from an ability to using actionable, data-driven information to profitably engage customers—both on and offsite—and guide their most important strategic and operational decisions. “Critical data is being gathered from point-of-sale (POS) technologies View Article →