Section 2704: Major Changes on the Way?

A Brief History of Section 2704 In 1990, Congress enacted section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code, titled “Treatment of Certain Lapsing Rights and Restrictions,” in an effort to limit the valuation discounts for gift and estate tax purposes applicable in the case of intra-family transfers of interests in family-owned, or “closely held,” corporations and View Article →

Workflow Automation Systems: What Do They Do?

Why are they important? Why should you care? Ask any executive what makes their company different, and the majority will answer that their unique business processes are the lifeblood that makes them successful and gives them a competitive edge.  These business processes reflect the company’s culture, spirit and identity.  It is their “secret sauce.”   View Article →

9 Tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A program focusing on SEO should get a standing-room-only crowd. Often this is not the case, however. It is unfortunate that small business owners and CEOs do not recognize SEO as a critical tool in identifying new clients and promoting their businesses. I am celebrating 20 years as a CEO, and I have been providing View Article →

Maximizing Your Tradeshow Investment Through Training

Exhibiting and attending tradeshows is an important form of marketing and sales for many companies.  Businesses rely heavily upon these opportunities as a means of acquiring new leads and potential clients.  When the many direct and indirect costs of a participating in a tradeshow are calculated, especially on a cost per lead basis, the investment View Article →

Millennials Embrace Personal Health and Wellness

Generation Y, more commonly known as the millennials, are known as the generation who are obsessed with food and fitness; which is true, to a certain extent. Much research has shown that this age group care about their bodies and health overall more than previous generations. They care about what they put into it, and View Article →