Technology That Is Good For Business

As we roll into 2017, it appears that technology is entering a new golden era, especially for individuals, entertainment, and better time management. Facebook, with over 1 billion users, represents a larger population than all but two countries, is the juggernaut of online interaction, news, and engagement. Other high profile technology companies include Twitter, Pinterest, View Article →

Tax Changes Impacting 2016 Federal Income Tax Returns

Whereas rumors swirl regarding the Trump administration’s potential federal tax changes, which will likely impact 2017 income tax returns, there are currently a number of changes impacting 2016 federal income tax returns that individuals and businesses will file in the coming months. Such changes include: For 2016, the standard mileage rate for business use of View Article →

Accelerated Due Date for 2016 W-2 Forms

Employers are required to provide all employees with a W-2 form by January 31 following the end of the calendar year. This requirement is met if the employer mails W-2 forms to its employees by January 31. For tax years through 2015, employers had until the end of February to file their W-2 forms with View Article →

The Survey Says: We Need Your Input!

 Are You Managing Your Online Reputation? In the world of marketing communications, everything we do is tied to an understanding of our customers (and prospective customer’s) needs and wants. Listening and learning is a huge part of our job. Research plays a vital role the development of the style, messages and approach to all sales View Article →

Financial Literacy For Business

Financial literacy is a term that has been used quite a bit since the financial crisis, which has left an indelible mark on the millennial generation that is rapidly becoming the largest group in the workforce. Understanding the ramifications of financial literacy and personal finance are clearly important themes, but another aspect of financial literacy View Article →