Five Reasons Why You Should Write a Guest Blog for CIANJ

December 7, 2018

Each week, CIANJ features a guest blog from one of our member companies. Recent blogs have come from law firms, accounting practices, banks, technology companies and others. Why should you write a blog for us?

Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Tell us about your company — Who are you? What to do you? Who do you serve? CIANJ members are always looking to connect with one another and it helps others to know what your company is all about.
  2. Share your latest news — Have you innovated with a new product line? Changed the scope of your work? Perhaps you are tackling an issue facing your clients or customers? The blog is a great companion to a standard press release where you can describe in better detail the latest news from your company.
  3. Discuss an issue facing your industry — Was a new regulation or law just passed that impacts the work you do? Or how your clients will do business? The blog is an excellent place to put in layman’s terms how this issue should be handled and share best practices moving forward. There’s always the potential for new business from this kind of blog especially when others can see your company is an expert on an emerging issue or trend.
  4. Reach a wider audience — The guest blog goes live each Thursday on the COMMERCE magazine website. It is then featured in Friday’s e-newsletter BusinessBeat which is sent to all CIANJ members. The blog is also shared across CIANJ’s social media platforms.
  5. It’s free — The guest blog on CIANJ is a perk that comes with your membership. Why not use this tool to broaden your reach? We love to support our members and the guest blog is a unique feature that will elevate the profile of your business.


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