Face Your Fears

July 19, 2017

My definition of fear is the total of lost moments.

As we look back over our lives and take a hard look at the areas where we have been successful or unsuccessful, it is interesting to find that many times its fear that has prevented us from achieving our goals and creating a healthy reality for ourselves and those around us. It is the fear we face when we go back and look over what we have accomplished and find, perhaps, what we have created can be taken from us at any moment. We tend toward complacency and fall into that personal comfort zone which has a deadly impact on us as individuals, our employers and those around us.

There are six areas I feel are critical in dealing with our fears and moving on.

The first one is confidence. The way to feel confident is to know that everyone has fear. Everyone, even the most successful individual, has had their moment of fear. We need to know that the only failure is in not trying anything new.

We have to trust in ourselves that we can accomplish new horizons and we can stay focused on the task at hand.

It is important that we be honest with ourselves. We must admit when we have weaknesses instead of trying to hide them, strive to identify them, work with them and move forward.

Knowledge of ourselves is necessary to understand how we will react in all our endeavors. Then failure is a learning experience and becomes a future motivator.

Look for the courage it takes to continue to push forward and stay focused when the tide is against us.

Finally, of course, is drive. Drive is a very misunderstood word. It is a concept that forces us every day to continue to work harder and harder.

Fear comes in different containers. It is the
absence of fear that brings us to the doorstep
of comfort. When we reach this doorstep, we
choose to enter or return and confront our fears.

Everyone eventually reaches the level of belief that they have mastered their personality and abilities, but in reality, it is a focus that allows routine and presents the illusion of success. But we, as individuals, understand how critical it is to confront our fears so we can move forward. I refer to it as a point of “reaching our doorstep”. That’s where we come to the point where we have tried our best, but now face new hurdles and obstacles. We must take a moment, take a breath, turn and look at these fears, confront them, master them and move on. There is a secret to success, and that secret comes in establishing a winning environment. It was once said that it is important we not waste time nudging others, but focus on our own tasks and what we have to do to succeed. We have to obtain commitment, not only from those around us, but from ourselves. We must strive to out distance our former selves.

It is important to obtain a commitment from ourselves and those around us that we will strive with others to obtain our goals. Look at what your underlying fear is and try to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. We need to look for the origins of our fear. Is our fear from a long term struggle or the result of internal or external pressure? It is important that we make an active decision about our direction. If we find ourselves stumbling and find it difficult to continue, we need to stop and evaluate our position before we move on. We can obtain support and encouragement by talking to others about our fears and concerns.

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