Pinpoint Document Scanning: An Essential in Today’s Fast-Paced Office Environment

November 17, 2016

Ever since the business world has gone digital, the need to scan/capture, store, recall, reprint, send, track vital sensitive information and make secure that information has grown exponentially. Moreover, with the onset of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and the advent of the “virtual office,” this task becomes even more important from both a company and an individual worker’s efficiency and security point of view.

The Paperless Office

This has been an elusive concept for the past 20 years bSignpost "Paperless vs. Less Productivity"ut digital scanning is working towards making it more of a reality each day. Document scanning is now one of the most important processes in offices today.  Bottom line, it works to eliminate the old filing cabinet system that takes up enormous amounts of space and avoids the problems of people taking files, altering them or not even returning them.  It also allows multiple people to view/share information simultaneously. And finally, it may be an important piece of your disaster recovery strategy. This system is greatly simplified and enhanced by utilizing a “Document Management” or “Content Management System Library.”

Document Capture While Scanning

Scanners embedded with an intelligent capture application firmware can greatly aid document indexing by reducing the time consumed scanning documents and then manually entering data before filing them. Auto indexing software expedites cataloging document images so they may be found again logically and immediately. This can be done by using Bar Code Recognition, Optical Character Recognition or full page Optical Character Recognition software. These will then auto file the document image(s) where they belong automatically.

The Continued Importance of Maintaining Hard Copy

There’s just no getting around the fact that when the business world has become so reliant on digital data, the looming threat of cyber data breaches and unexpected technology “crashes” demand hard copy backups. We also must mention their possible importance as a needed indisputable proof source in our hyper-litigious society. From what I’m regularly told by our clients, hard copy is their “preferred” reading source compared to the computer display screen.  Furthermore, it is the ultimate means of disaster recovery when your originals need to be pulled from a long-term storage location in response to an unexpected fire, flood, hurricane, or mold destruction. Hard copy is not going away anytime soon, but it doesn’t have to be sharing expensive office space alongside your staff.

Electronic Office Systems of Fairfield, New Jersey will be more than happy to explain today’s scanning technologies and how they can help make your company more efficient, productive and competitive with your peers.



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