CIANJ Supports Health Care/Pension Reforms

John Galandak, president of Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, issued this statement in response to the passage of the health care and pension reform legislation (S2937/A4133).

“Governor Chris Christie is expected to take the final step on Monday by signing landmark health care and pension reform legislation that he has sought since taking office. The bill that passed by both houses of the New Jersey Legislature will go back to the Senate on Monday for a vote to align its original bill with the Assembly version that does not include a restriction on out of state medical care.

The business community applauds the bipartisan coalition that stood up to the special interests to make certain this legislation passed. The passage of this measure demonstrates that New Jersey is committed to a long-term course of sound financial management. It is the medicine our state desperately needs to improve our economic health. The reforms will lower government’s costs, thereby providing greater financial stability and sustainability of the health care and pension systems for state workers. It will make New Jersey more competitive and attract new investment and businesses which are essential for private sector job growth.”

Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey is a statewide business membership organization. Its mission is to be a leader in free enterprise advocacy for the purpose of providing, through education, legislative vigilance, and membership interaction, an economic climate that enhances business potential and makes New Jersey a better state in which to live, work and conduct business.