A Blog is Born

October 26, 2015

Adding Value: CIANJ’s blog aims to help New Jersey businesses help each other.



Why in the world does the Internet need another blog? It is a thought that we had after launching the idea of a business blog back in June.  Over a wonderful lunch at Paramus bistro Biagio’s (Ok, I admit shameless plug; however they make a killer chef salad with shrimp) CIANJ President John Galandak and Executive VP Diane Walsh asked if I had any ideas for improving the organization, specifically ways to improve the many CIANJ roundtables.  (Side note here, I am not special; they ask all board members this on a regular basis.  I was just naïve enough to swim towards the baited hook.)  My response was to create a blog.  Not just a blog, but a blog written by members to benefit New Jersey businesses.  A blog written to expand the conversations—the really excellent conversations—that happen every day at the various CIANJ Roundtables.  (If you have no idea what our roundtables are, click here) This blog will extend the brief conversations that occur at the roundtables and take them into areas that a short morning meeting sometimes just cannot travel due to time limitations.  Best of all, we can place it on the COMMERCE magazine website to help introduce a wider audience to our flagship publication.

The idea was to feature our panelists, and other active members of the organizations, who have expertise, ridiculously impressive resumes and a passion for sharing their knowledge to help other business owners and managers work out day-to-day business challenges.  Topics will include every discipline imaginable that is required of business: Money. The Environment.  Marketing.  Healthcare. Technology. Human Resources. Marketing. Manufacturing. Real Property.  Marketing. Women leaders in business. Marketing. Leadership and the emerging leaders of the new generation of business professionals.  Is my bias showing?

Surprisingly, the response to my suggestion was not answered with a slap in the face to return me to reality.  Instead, the group’s conversation drifted to creative ideas for stories, and great enthusiasm for the substantial list of potential writers.

An idea was born!  And yes, as I noted at the start, with so much information “out there” on the web, we actually worried a bit as to whether we (the business world) really need another blog?  In a world where, according to a new study by Adobe®  The State of Content, Expectations on the Rise (//wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/max/2015/pdfs/state-of-content-oct.pdf)  would rather watch a video about a news story than read, and 59% of you only skim articles.

In fact, the naysayers at Adobe ® research tell us that more than 35% of you pesky millennials would rather watch a video of this: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=tntOCGkgt98 rather than read…anything.  We beg to differ, even though this delightful video of kittens has had over 60 million views. (Wouldn’t you like your company to have something with 60 million views?)

The answer to this question is really up to you, the readers.  You will tell us if we have we tapped into talent you find valuable, or simply added to the world’s techno-clutter.  Please let us know, and give us your ideas for things you would want to see here.  Much like CIANJ, this blog exists purely to promote the ideas—and ideals—of free enterprise in New Jersey.

Your job is hard enough simply surviving in the world’s most competitive, regulated and populated business geography those tenacious immigrants of yesteryear (pilgrims included) ever created.  We aim to make that reality a few mouse clicks more enjoyable and informative.

Along the way, perhaps some of you may discover CIANJ for the first time. Perhaps you might be tempted to attend a roundtable or two.  I recommend the marketing roundtable!  However, I digress. Some of you may even discover the benefits of membership, if you are not currently a member.  If not, this will still be a free hangout to learn a few things, or at least confirm how brilliant you already are on a variety of topics.

We will post a new topic once each week, so please visit often. Share with your friends, family members and others whom you think might find value with our conversations.  And feel free to contribute comments (nice, positive and constructive comments, please.)  We welcome you, and we are most grateful for your readership.  Thank you.



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