5 Cybersecurity Threats You Need to Worry About in 2018

You’re living in a rapidly evolving digital world that’s forcing your business to dive deeper into the digital landscape. Even if you’re business merely dabbles in the digital world, you’re still at high-risk if you have any information stored online. High profile cybersecurity events hitting headlines in the past year, like Ukraine’s power grid and the Equifax breach, View Article →

Closing the Deal

One challenge that many professionals face is not knowing when to close an engagement.  Some tell us their sales process goes on and on because they are not sure of the right time to close the deal.  Often, it’s a fear of rejection that causes professionals to delay asking for the approval to proceed.  Most View Article →

Is Your Organization Prepared for an Emergency?

Find Out by Asking These 5 Questions Many forward-thinking businesses and public sector organizations have some sort of an emergency plan ready to deploy when disaster strikes. But having a plan in place is only one component of a successful emergency preparedness strategy. Will your plan work in a variety of emergency situations? HERE ARE View Article →

Present or Send Your Proposal?

Over the past six months, you have worked hard to develop a suspect into a prospect.  To control the process, it has taken much time, patience, and effort to advance the sale.  You now know the prospects needs, are comfortable you can satisfy their needs, presented your approach to the decision maker, and confirmed they View Article →