Are you going in tomorrow to do what you did yesterday?

Let’s say you run a small, non-retail business in a legacy industry (one that hasn’t changed too much in the last 25, or more years). Revenue is several million dollars and things have been flat or modestly up and/or down the last few years. You’ve seen weaker companies fall by the wayside, a couple grow View Article →

More NJ small businesses self-funding insurance plans

A growing number of small businesses in New Jersey are finding a new way to save money on their health care costs by switching to self-funded health care plans over traditional health care plans. Under a traditional plan, employers pay a premium each month and the health insurer pays all of the employee claims and View Article →

Robo-Doc Will See You Now!

Imagine, you are a 50 year old male experiencing difficulty breathing, distorted vision, sweats and peripheral numbness. Merely seconds after beginning to experience these symptoms, you receive an electronic alert message. “Robo-Doc will see you now!” You direct your device to open a line of communication and a slew of data is virtually and seamlessly View Article →

How Do Independent Owners Stay Competitive with Institutional Owners

Independent owners of industrial assets in the Meadowlands market are at a disadvantage when there are institutional owners who have larger purses than them. The smaller owners may not be able to raise the ceilings or remodel to a potential tenant’s specs, but there is still so much they can do in order to compete View Article →