Employers Beware – What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You!

A barrage of new laws have been unfolding across America in 2018 impacting the work environment for all employers…that is right, you may not be exempt from this employers.  Common sense, combined with the law dating back to the 1960’s, makes it clear employees have a right to go to work free from harassment and View Article →

IRS Issues Guidance on Business Interest Expense Limitation

The IRS recently issued Notice 2018-28 (the Notice) providing interim guidance on the limitation of the deduction of business interest expense under amended IRC §163(j). Within the Notice, the IRS states that it intends to issue proposed regulations, and identifies certain issues that the proposed regulations will address including: Application of IRC §163(j) to consolidated View Article →

8 Ways to Fight ID Fraud Online

Nearly three decades after the internet was introduced, the web continues to transform the lives of many users, revolutionizing the way consumers shop, pay bills, and transfer money online. As these advancements make common tasks hassle-free, consumers are urged to take extra precautions, allowing them to navigate the web safely and avoid online crime. Banks View Article →

New Chinese Focus on Environmental Remediation & Compliance Could Open Doors for US Companies

China has furthered its commitments on environmental protection. In March, the State Council of China announced major reforms were being made to its environmental governance. The decision was made to consolidate the former Ministry of Environmental Protection with several other agencies to form the new Ministry of Ecological and Environmental. This new agency will certainly View Article →

Corporate Volunteering: A Top Tool for Employee Retention

A successful business operates with an understanding that people are its most vital asset–and its most transitory. Quality employees can walk out the door without hesitation as they find new jobs that are better suited to their values and lifestyles. This turnover is bad for team morale and expensive for businesses, with many studies showing that the View Article →