Newsletters Promote Dynamic News

  Whether you want to showcase your company, support marketing, inform stakeholders or announce a new product or service, a newsletter – be it digital or in print – is a great way to provide updates to your clients, prospects, employees and other audiences. A newsletter is vibrant and current. It includes topics, photos and View Article →

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  “I’ve about had it!” yelled Diane at her business partner of 10 years. “I don’t think I can trust you anymore. First you take extra money out of the business without communicating with me which was our agreement. For the last few months you haven’t been putting in any time and effort. I’ve been View Article →

Summer Rental Property – Don’t Get Burned by the IRS

  The summer season brings with it a considerable uptick in homeowners renting out their private residences. There are many rules to be cognizant of when it comes to renting out your home, especially when the residence is also used personally. If the property was rented out for less than 15 days during the year, View Article →

BBB Tips for Smart Shopping Online

  More than two-thirds of North America consumers shop online on a regular basis, and Better Business Bureau handles more than 10,000 complaints each year about internet shopping. Although you can’t beat the convenience of getting what you need at the click of a button, all too often, consumers find what they ordered is not View Article →

Hot Tax Topics for Manufacturers

  For manufacturers, one of the hottest tax reform topics includes a reduction in the highest corporate tax rate, from 35% to 15%. Presumably, the new 15% rate would also be available to pass-through entities, such as partnerships and S corporations. However, in exchange for getting the reduced rate, owners of pass-through entities would be View Article →