Assembly Passes Construction Permit Extension

The Assembly showed it can be nimble this week as it quickly passed legislation granting a two-year extension on construction permits approved by local, county and state government agencies.

Twenty-one assembly members signed on as sponsors of the legislation (A1338), which was designed to rescue projects that might have been stalled during the economic downtown. The permits are now good through December, 2014.

There was a push to grant the extensions during the lame duck session but it got caught in the last-minute flurry of hundreds of bills. When the Legislature reconvened for a new session the bill was quickly introduced. The Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee released it last month and on Thursday the Assembly approved an amendment on some technical language that was offered by Majority Leader Louis Greenwald, who was a prime sponsor. Now it’s up to the Senate to take action. Senators Paul Sarlo and Steven Oroho are its sponsors in the upper house.